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A Letter From…

The three of us were invited to a creative girls night a couple of weeks ago. We had a great time and got to meet some incredibly talented women. One of these women was Celestial Williams. She is a makeup artist extraordinaire and she was excited to try our product, Lip Bliss. We sent her some to try and here is what she wrote


I’ve been a professional makeup artist for over 13 years and I’ve used almost every lip gloss out there. This is the first one that I’ve been in love with. I love that it isn’t just another lip gloss. So much thought went into creating it. From the minty scent, moisturizing properties, non-sticky feel, to the great colors…I need every single one! I use this gloss on myself as well as in my professional kit. It’s great for every age and for every occasion! Thank you What’s Your Virtue for creating such a great product!!

Celestial Williams

Her lips and the lips of her clients are as happy as ours!!

Thanks Celestial!

Customer review

Enjoy this customer review from Amberli McCoy.

ask yourself…
what’s your virtue?
i’ve seen these beauties floating around the blogging world for a while now and have been really wanting to try them out. it’s no secret that i have a life long addiction to blistex (i’ll save that story for another time) and therefore am constantly searching for something, anything, to relieve me of my addiction! well, i can’t say i’ve given up the blistex entirely but i can say that i’m loving these glosses!
after reading about them on others’ blogs i checked out the WHAT’S YOUR VIRTUE website and i gotta admit, i fell in love with their philosophy:
*taken from their site*
Our Story… In the beginning, there was a mother with teen and preteen daughters. While on a shopping trip three years ago, she was made keenly aware of what beauty products were available to purchase. She was shocked at the explicit and suggestive names found on numerous brands of lip gloss. She didn’t feel it was appropriate for her 13 year old daughter to put such messaging in her pocket, let alone on her lips. The mother went home with no lip gloss, but with a strong desire to make a difference. After collaborating with her friends, an idea was born to create a lip gloss that would support a positive message, not only for her girls but for women everywhere. Enter What’s Your Virtue?, a company founded by three friends who believe beauty starts from within. We want to remind all women of the simple and virtuous things in life. What better place to start than on your lips?

isn’t that a lovely thought? choosing a virtue, carrying it around with you in your pocket all day, endowing your kisser with virtuous thoughts. i love it! and luckily a little elf heard i wanted to try these out and slipped some into my stocking. for weeks i’ve been carrying around the virtues of
curiosity, wisdom and simplicity.
i love them
they’re not too sticky or waxy like chapstick or some glosses
(i love blistex because it’s creamy smoothiness.
so very not sticky and waxy like most chapsticks/glosses)
i love the colors – i thought that maybe wisdom and curiosity would be too bright,
but they are perfect. just a tint of color.
and they all glitter a little
but not like “gem, truly outrageous!” glitter.
and the best part…
they stay on forever
i mean forever
obviously if i eat, or lick my lips
or some such anti-stay-on activity it comes off
but otherwise
my lips shine on
and on
love it!
i can’t wait to try them all
so thank you! thank you! thank you! to the little What’s Your Virtue elves that sent me some trial glosses – i love them all and will always be extra reminded to be curious, seek wisdom and live with simplicity as i enjoy my non-sticky, extra shiney, forever glossy lips!

Thanks Amberli for the great review!! Good luck with that new baby!

abc 15 Video

We were featured on ABC15 news this month. Watch this segment with the founders of What’s Your Virtue?®

Sweet Apple Teens and local show

We made it to Broadway!!

Well at least our lip gloss did. The nine girls in the picture are the Sweet Apple Teens from the musical Bye, Bye Birdie. They are lovers of our gloss and they chose to use our Virtues on their lips for their opening night. Bye, Bye Birdie opened last week (10/15/09) and will run thru April 2010. They look great and the girls aren’t so bad either!!

We have a local show this weekend (10/24), where you can come and buy the best lip gloss in the world, it starts at noon. For more information go “here.” We hope to see you there!

Lip Bliss™ is Here!

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Introducing… Lip Bliss a wonderful new moisturizing lip gloss that brings together the perfect blend of color and shine. Available in six shades we are positive you will find the right Lip Bliss for your lips!

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